Ivo Groen in 't Woud

Investment Manager Egeria BV : West Virginia (WV),United States : : :
BioPrior to his start at Egeria, Ivo worked at APM Terminals since 2014, part of the Maersk Group. He was active within the Investment Strategy and M & A team and involved in various international M & A transactions. He started his career in 2010 within the M & A team of NIBC and was involved as a consultant in national and international acquisitions. Ivo studied Business Administration at the Erasmus University in Rott ....
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Co-Team Members

Mark Wetzels Partner Firm : Egeria BV
Robert Deen Chief Financial Officer Firm : Egeria BV
Nicolas de Nerée as Babberich Investment Manager Firm : Egeria BV
Floris Waage Partner Firm : Egeria BV
Bill Scholten Associate Firm : Egeria BV
Egbert Prenger Investment Director Firm : Egeria BV