Rombout Poos

Principal GIMV NV : Netherlands : : :
BioFrom 1991 through 2000, Rombout Poos worked for the international auditing firm Deloitte.Within the Sustainable Cities platform Rombout is involved in the investment of Itho Daalderop and ARS T&TT. Additionally he also worked on the recent sale of Brakel.He studied at Royal NIVRA / University Nyenrode (the Netherlands) and graduated as certified public accountant.
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Karl N├Ągler Partner Firm : GIMV NV
Nicolas De Bruyne Analyst Firm : GIMV NV
Guy Mampaey Partner Firm : GIMV NV
Karolien Fieremans Senior Financial Analyst Firm : GIMV NV
Elderd Land Partner Firm : GIMV NV
Patrick Van Beneden Partner Firm : GIMV NV