Wayne Pierson

director GFI Energy Ventures : South Korea : : :
BioMr. Pierson has been a director since November 2007. Mr. Pierson currently serves as President of Acorn Investors, LLC, an investor in Oaktree Capital Group Holdings, L.P., which consists of six longstanding Oaktree clients who became institutional investors in Oaktree in February, 2004. Mr. Pierson recently retired from Meyer Memorial Trust (a member of Acorn Investors, LLC) after 32 years as the Chief Financial & I ....
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Jay Wintrob OffiChief Executivecer Firm : GFI Energy Ventures
Randi Becker Senior Vice President Firm : GFI Energy Ventures
Ken Park Senior Vice President Firm : GFI Energy Ventures
Dan Levin Chief Financial Officer Firm : GFI Energy Ventures