The Catalyst Group Inc.
1375 Enclve Parkway
Houston, 77077, United States
(713) 580-5231

DescriptionThe Catalyst Group Inc. is a private equity investor invests in middle market companies. The firm invests in the companies with an enterprise value between $10 million and $100 million. The firm focused on sectors energy services, health care, distribution, manufacturing, and many other industries. ....
Additional Information
Founded Year 1990
Former Name -
Parent Name -

Firm Investment Criteria

Investment Criteria Min Max
Investment Size
Company Revenue
Company EBITDA
Enterprise Value

Key Executives (4)

Robert Norris
David McWhorter
Ron Nixon
Brad Gurasich
Vice President

Portfolio (24)

# Deal Date Portfolio Sector
- Hardware Products Company Manufacturing
- Multi-Shot Oil, Gas & Coal Exploration