Benjamin P. Procter

Senior Partner The Watermill Group : Massachusetts (MA),United States : : :
BioBenjamin Procter ( is a Partner at The Watermill Group where he leads the sourcing, due diligence and acquisition of new investments. Mr. Procter joined HMK Enterprises, Inc., (an affiliated holding company of The Watermill Group) in 1987. During more than 30 years with Watermill, Mr. Procter has led or been involved in over 40 acquisitions and numerous public and private financings. He also se ....
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Michael Fuller Principal and CFO Firm : The Watermill Group
Dale S. Okonow Senior Partner Firm : The Watermill Group
Sarah Bowen Director of Marketing Firm : The Watermill Group
Robert W. Ackerman Senior Partner Firm : The Watermill Group
Julia Karol President & COO Firm : The Watermill Group