Bruce Karsh

Co-Chairman GFI Energy Ventures : : : :
BioMr. Karsh is Oaktree’s Co-Chairman and one of the firm’s co-founders. He also is Chief Investment Officer and serves as portfolio manager for Oaktree's Distressed Opportunities, Value Opportunities and Multi-Strategy Credit strategies. Prior to co-founding Oaktree, Mr. Karsh was a managing director of TCW Asset Management Company, and the portfolio manager of the Special Credits Funds from 1988 until 1995. Prior ....
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Rodney Vencatachellum Chief Compliance Officer Firm : GFI Energy Ventures
Talbot Carleton Managing Director Firm : GFI Energy Ventures
Michelle Swanenburg Managing Director Firm : GFI Energy Ventures
Nicolas Seghers Senior Vice President Firm : GFI Energy Ventures
Katie Gitelson Senior Vice Presiden Firm : GFI Energy Ventures