David Bauer

Chief Investment Officer Lubar and Co. : Wisconsin (WI),United States : : :
BioDave Bauer joined Lubar & Co. in 2005 as Chief Investment Officer.His work experience includes 5 years with Facilitator Capital Fund, a Wisconsin-based Small Business Investment Company, and 10 years with the accounting firm of Arthur Andersen, where he led the Wisconsin transaction advisory team assisting private equity funds and large corporations with their acquisitions and divestitures. He currently serves on the ....
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Vince Shiely Partner Firm : Lubar and Co.
David J. Lubar President & CEO Firm : Lubar and Co.
Gary R. Sarner Operating Partner Firm : Lubar and Co.
Sheldon B. Lubar Founder & Chairman Firm : Lubar and Co.
Jean Ellen Trubshaw Managing Director Firm : Lubar and Co.