David J. Lubar

President & CEO Lubar and Co. : Wisconsin (WI),United States : : :
BioDavid Lubar joined Lubar & Co. in 1983 and today leads our company’s daily operations as president and CEO.Previously, he spent five years in commercial banking at Norwest Bank (n/k/a Wells Fargo Bank). He has served as lead investor and a director to over 20 companies in a wide range of industries and various stages of development. He currently serves as a director of Lake Express, Shared Imaging, Rockland Industr ....
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Co-Team Members

Vince Shiely Partner Firm : Lubar and Co.
Jean Ellen Trubshaw Managing Director Firm : Lubar and Co.
Gary R. Sarner Operating Partner Firm : Lubar and Co.
David Bauer Chief Investment Officer Firm : Lubar and Co.
Sheldon B. Lubar Founder & Chairman Firm : Lubar and Co.