Dirk Tetzlaff

Managing Director Equitrust GMBH : Germany : : :
BioSince April 1, 2007 Dr. med. Tetzlaff Managing Director of DMB (or Management Board of predecessor equitrust AG). Dr. Tetzlaff previously held senior positions in Europe-wide Industri Kapital fund for more than six years. With investments such as Gardena, DSI, Sport Group and Minimax, he was instrumental in the success of the investment company in Germany. Before joining the company, Dr. Ing. Tetzlaff spent several ....
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Co-Team Members

Peter Welge Managing Director Firm : Equitrust GMBH
Jens Rohr Associate Partner Firm : Equitrust GMBH
Jonas Westphalen Investment Manager Firm : Equitrust GMBH