Endre Folge

Partner HitecVision AS : Norway : : :
BioMr. Folge joined HitecVision in 2014 from his role in Aker Solution ASA as Vice president and Team Leader of the Corporate Business Development and M&A department. He lead the team responsible for project execution for all types of M&A and divestment initiatives across the group. Mr. Folge previously worked as an Investment Manager in Aker ASA and as an Analyst with UBS Investment Bank in both London and Switzerland ....
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Co-Team Members

Erlend Basmo Ellingsen Investment Director Firm : HitecVision AS
Jone Skaara Senior Partner Firm : HitecVision AS
Andrew Schembri Senior Associate Firm : HitecVision AS
Jan Erik Rugland Senior Partner Firm : HitecVision AS