Erwann Le Ligné

Member of the Executive Board Eurazeo PME : France : : :
BioErwann joined Eurazeo PME in 2006 after four years in acquisition finance. He has participated in numerous investments and external growth transactions at the international level and specifically in the USA, Canada, Belgium, the United Kingdom and India. Erwann participated in the acquisitions of Flexitallic, Gault & Frémont, BFR Groupe, Idéal Résidences, Colisée, Péters Surgical, Flash Group and Orolia. A contr ....
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Co-Team Members

Rafaelle Faibis Senior Associate Firm : Eurazeo PME
Mathieu Betrancourt Principal Firm : Eurazeo PME
Olivier Millet Chairman Firm : Eurazeo PME
Charles Cornevin Associate Firm : Eurazeo PME
Clément Morin Senior Associate Firm : Eurazeo PME
Florent Thiry Associate Firm : Eurazeo PME
Margaux Pinon Junior Financial Controller Firm : Eurazeo PME