Florian Zimmermann

Investment Director Idinvest Partners : France : : :
BioFlorian Zimmermann is an investment director and heads the Frankfurt office of Idinvest Partners.He has been working for Idinvest Partners since 2014. He has 20 years of expertise in Leveraged Finance and Private Equity. Before starting to work for Idinvest Partners, he worked in leveraged finance for Natixis, KBC and IKB Deutsche Industriebank and in private equity for Alpinvest.He graduated from European Business S ....
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Thorsten Kern Associate Firm : Idinvest Partners
Damien Boulangeat Investment Manager Firm : Idinvest Partners
Emmanuelle Pierret Investment Director Firm : Idinvest Partners
Fabio Mondini Venture Partner Firm : Idinvest Partners
Audrey Silber Associate Firm : Idinvest Partners