Gavin Turner

Managing Partner Mainsail Partners : California (CA),United States : : :
BioGavin Turner is a founder of Mainsail Partners. In addition to leading new investments and co-managing the firm, Gavin is an active board member for Mainsail’s portfolio companies and advisor to Mainsail’s CEOs.Prior to founding Mainsail Partners, Gavin was a Vice President responsible for west coast media and communications investments at Summit Partners, a leading global private equity and venture firm. During ....
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Matt Valazza Associate Firm : Mainsail Partners
Heather Booms Vice President Firm : Mainsail Partners
Sandy McKinnon Vice President Firm : Mainsail Partners
Taylor McKinley Operating Partner Firm : Mainsail Partners
William Salisbury Chief Financial Officer & Chief Compliance Officer Firm : Mainsail Partners