Howard N. Gould

Vice Chairman Carpenter & Company : California (CA),United States : : :
BioMr. Gould has direct oversight of the Fund’s portfolio management function and is highly involved with strategic, capital, and management planning for the Fund’s portfolio companies. Mr. Gould joined Carpenter & Company in 2005 after a nearly 35-year career as a senior banker, regulator, and consultant. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Gould served under appointment by Governor Schwarzenegger as California’s Comm ....
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Co-Team Members

DENNIS GUIDA Managing Director Firm : Carpenter & Company
James B. Jones Executive Vice President Firm : Carpenter & Company
MARYAM HAMZEH Executive Vice President Firm : Carpenter & Company
Curt A. Christianssen Chief Financial Officer Firm : Carpenter & Company
JOHN D. FLEMMING President of Carpenter Firm : Carpenter & Company