Jim McBride

Founder & Managing Member Blue Sage Capital : : : :
BioMr. McBride is a founding partner of Blue Sage Capital. Prior to forming Blue Sage in 2002, Mr. McBride spent over a decade as the senior, non-family executive of The LBJ Holding Company, a private investment holding company of the family of Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson.Mr. McBride is an advisory director for Frost Bank Austin and serves on the University of Texas McCombs School of Business Advisory Council, the McCo ....
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Co-Team Members

David Berry Associate Firm : Blue Sage Capital
Davis Miller Senior Associate Firm : Blue Sage Capital
Jonathan Kaskow Senior Associate Firm : Blue Sage Capital
Erica Holland Vice President Firm : Blue Sage Capital
Peter Huff Founder & Managing Partner Firm : Blue Sage Capital