Paul D. Carbery

Managing Partner Frontenac Company : : : :
BioPaul is a Managing Partner. He shares responsibility for management of the firm and focuses on investments in the industrial and business services sectors. He is a director of CoCreativ, GNAP LLC, and La Tavola. Paul’s prior investments and directorships include Portfolio Group, Ohio Transmission Corp, e+ CancerCare, H-E Parts, Trilogy Health Services and Crescent Healthcare. Paul joined Frontenac in 1989 fr ....
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Julie A. Bender Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer Firm : Frontenac Company
Neal G. Sahney Vice President Firm : Frontenac Company
Ronald W. Kuehl Managing Director Firm : Frontenac Company
Walter C. Florence Managing Partner Firm : Frontenac Company
Markie L. Westwood Vice President Firm : Frontenac Company
Teri D. Gjestvang Director of Development Firm : Frontenac Company