Peter Lamm

Co-founder & Managing Director Fenway Partners, Inc. : New York (NY),United States : : :
BioMr. Lamm co-founded and is the Managing Partner at Fenway Partners. With over 30 years of private equity investing experience, Mr. Lamm is involved in all aspects of the firm’s business. Mr. Lamm currently serves on the boards of Easton-Bell Sports, Fastfrate and Preferred Freezer.Previously, Mr. Lamm was a Managing Director of Butler Capital Corporation (BCC) and a General Partner of the investment partnerships ma ....
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Walter Wiacek Vice President, Chief Financial Officer & Chief Compliance Officer Firm : Fenway Partners, Inc.
Gregg Smart Managing Director Firm : Fenway Partners, Inc.
Chris Stevenson Vice President Firm : Fenway Partners, Inc.