Rob Weintraub

Partner, Portfolio Manager Vision Brazil Investments : Brazil : : :
BioMr. Weintraub joined Vision Brazil Investments in 2013 as a Portfolio Manager for the firm´s investments in Special Credit Situations. Mr. Weintraub is originally from the U.S. where he worked for large investment banks including Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. He spent five years at Deutsche Bank in New York as a Credit Trader with a focus on Credit Derivatives and High Yield bonds. Mr. Weintraub pe ....
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Co-Team Members

Leonardo Cavalcante Barbosa Partner, Portfolio Manager and COO Firm : Vision Brazil Investments
Fabio Greco Founding Partner & Portfolio Manager Firm : Vision Brazil Investments
Primo Aldrigue Junior Partner & Portfolio Manager Firm : Vision Brazil Investments
Ben Jackson Head of Investor Relations and Client Services Firm : Vision Brazil Investments