Sze-Liang Lim

Managing Director ADM Capital : Hong Kong : : :
BioSze-Liang Lim is a Managing Director at ADM Capital. Prior to joining ADM Capital in September 2016, Sze-Liang was the senior analyst for Nomura’s Asian Illiquid Loans and Special Situations desk. He has extensive experience in the Asian special situations and distressed debt space having worked in CarVal Investors, Clearwater Capital Partners and Goldman Sachs. Sze-Liang started his career with Goldman Sachs Inter ....
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Jamie Kim Managing Director Firm : ADM Capital
Gavin Sasson Senior Investment Director Firm : ADM Capital
Sabita Prakash Managing Director Firm : ADM Capital
Denys Firth Co-founder & Joint Chief Investment Officer Firm : ADM Capital
Robert Appleby Co-Founder Firm : ADM Capital
David Whyte Managing Director Firm : ADM Capital